COAR Community Framework for Good Practices in Repositories

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Draft  for COAR Community Input – June 16, 2020

Commenting is now closed. COAR will review all comments and publish a revised version of the assessment framework in August 2020.

This draft framework was developed by the COAR Repository Assessment Working Group to assist repositories in evaluating their current operations based on a set of good practices. The aim was to bring together a variety of existing criteria developed elsewhere into a single global assessment framework that can be used by all types of open research repositories.

The group reviewed criteria from other frameworks, identified gaps, and categorized them according to their level of importance, relevance and feasibility of implementation. In some cases, where criteria were considered irrelevant, they were removed. The following initiatives were reviewed for this work: Data Citation Roadmap for scholarly data repositories, Core Trust Seal, FAIR data principles, PLOS “Criteria that Matter”, TRUST Principles for Digital Repositories, COAR Next Generation Repositories Technologies, Plan S.

The assessment criteria are organized according several objectives (discovery, access, reuse, integrity, quality assurance, privacy, and sustainability) and categorized as either essential or desired characteristics.

We are now seeking input from COAR members. In particular, we are interest in your thoughts about:

  • Ease of adoption – Are any of the essential characteristics too difficult to implement?
  • Gaps – Are there any important criteria missing?
  • Clarity – Are any of these criteria difficult to understand or interpret?
  • Relevance – Are any of these criteria not appropriate?

The full assessment framework is linked below, but please provide your feedback in the sub-pages, which are linked to the content menu on the right and organized according to specific objective.

COAR community input will be open until June 30, 2020.

Once we have received your input, the working group will review and incorporate the feedback, after which we will disseminate the framework more widely with other stakeholder communities (e.g. RDA, national repository networks) in July/Aug 2020.  The aim is to have a version to publish on the COAR website in September 2020. COAR will review the framework annually to ensure it reflects current best practices and is relevant for the diverse, international repository community.

The full framework is available here: COAR community framework for repositories – June 16, 2020

Source: https://comments.coar-repositories.org/