Recommendations for repository managers on translated content

54 Leave a comment on paragraph 54 0 Multilingualism and translation are inevitably intertwined and can complement one another. It is therefore important to enable further recognition of translation and translated content as valid contributions to the research ecosystem to further support and acknowledge translation as a valuable scholarly output and promote linguistic diversity in research culture. To do so, it is necessary to encourage and properly credit translation both as a practice and output. This can be in part achieved with the implementation of the following recommendations: 

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  • Include a specific field for the role of translator(s) in deposit forms of online archives and repositories to accommodate translator crediting (e.g. use dc.contributor – translator)
  • Accommodate translator identification with other fields such as:
    -ORCID or other similar interoperable identifiers if possible
    -organization or affiliation if any
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  • Include specific (sub)field(s) for the document’s translation status, the language(s) used for the translated content, and the language(s) of the source document, preferably by designating the languages in international standard language codes.
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  • Allow users to point to other related records of the translated content by adding relation fields such as the dc.relation field. Labeling options in this relation field could include:
    -“Is a translation of”
    -“Is translated from” (This second option could be best used in case of partial translation, e.g. of a book chapter or section).
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  • Accommodate this relation field with other fields of identification pointing at the original document with:
    -DOI or other PID of original document or a handle
    -URL if no interoperable resolver
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  • Export options of records of translated content should ideally include all of the above information, which could read like this:
    “This material titled ‘[translated title]’ is an integral (partial) translation in [language name – standard language code] dated [DD-MM-YYYY] by [translator(‘s)s name(s) of “original title” by [author(‘s)s name(s) in [language name – standard language code] as published in [publication details]/retrieved from [DOI, other PID resolver or URL].”
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  • Unless the document justifies it (e.g. parallel translation, commented translation, mirrored bilingual or multilingual versions), upload translations of documents as separate records. This is especially true for prefaces, introductions, or other contributions published in multilingual multi-contributor volumes.

Source: https://comments.coar-repositories.org/7-recommendations-for-repository-managers-on-translated-content/