4. Development of standard vocabulary

For these interactions to scale beyond a single system to system interaction and be adopted across a distributed network of repositories and peer review services, there is a need to define and adopt a controlled vocabulary that will standardise the requests and responses between the repository and overlay service.

In the table below we provide some examples of notifications that will need standard vocabularies. These vocabularies will be defined in the next phase of development and implementation of this model.

Author deposits article and chooses an overlay review service from a pre-existing listRequest for review
The overlay service acknowledges that the request for review has been receivedAcknowledge request
Overlay service decides to accept article for review (or not)Response to request for peer review
Article reviewed by reviewers(Article stays in repository)
Peer reviews are complete author is notified of resultResponse to decision about whether to publish article 
When revisions requested, then new version of article uploaded to the repositoryRepository informs overlay service that a new version is available for review